Green in 2013!

Going green in 2013!

Beginning a new year brings us to reflecting on the past and planning for the new.

During 2012 we did a lot of research into growing our business green.

We took classes at Longwood Gardens and checked with our wholesale suppliers for eco-friendly sources – with the goal of bringing you beautiful flowers and keeping our planet beautiful.

Eco-flowers is an interesting catch-all term for many things -
-flowers grown with no or low pest and disease sprays
-conserving water while growing
-socially acceptable treatment of employees (good working conditions, fair wages…)

and a commitment to provide a great product in a socially, environmentally friendly way.

What do we take from our research? We can:
Support certified eco- friendly companies by purchasing their products.
Purchase flowers that are grown in an environmentally responsible way – particularly organic flowers.
Purchase from companies who treat their employees with dignity and provide good working conditions and salaries.

To sum it all up – we can’t have everything but if we can be a bit flexible with our choices, most of our flower purchases will achieve this goal.

This movement is in its infancy in the fresh flower trade. If we demand it – it will come. It’s all about supply and demand!

Let’s make a difference in 2013!

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