NYC Flower District Visit





This week we had the pleasure of going to New York and attending the rose show by Harvest Floral Wholesale.
Wow did we see a lot of beautiful roses! It was great to see the roses up close and personal – see their petal counts, what they look like fully open and the shading some show as they progress.
We brought back a list of every rose we saw, cataloged as a standard, garden or spray rose, along with a color description.  What a great job, Harvest!
We also purchased some preserved roses.  These are real roses that last about a year or two.  The  process is a “secret” of the company that provides the roses but what a great way to capture that certain color shade.  If you have ever air dryed or preserved flowers, you know their color changes as it dries and these are no exception. Check out these deep purple beauties.  And who says there are no black flowers?


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