Valentine’s Day!

Wondering why it’s time to buy flowers and chocolates?  Here’s some history on this holiday dedicated to love (and flowers and chocolates!):

For over 2,000 years people have celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s day dates back to a pagan festival in ancient Rome.  There were three St. Valentines and
not much is known about them but they were all martyred.  Around 269 A.D.  the last St. Valentine was martyred for secretly marrying couples after the emperor Claudius II had canceled all marriages because he was trying to build an army and did not want men staying home with their lovers.
At this time, paganism had not yet been replaced by Christianity and the Roman god Lupercus was believed to watch over shepherds flocks to protect them from wolves so every Feb. 15  a celebration was  held to honor this god.    During the celebration the names of young women were put in a box and drawn randomly by young men.  The couples then paired off for a year.
In A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius changed the date of this celebration to February 14 and named it after St. Valentine in an effort to make pagan practices conform to Christianity.
The young women’s names were replaced with names of saints and the young men were to live the next year as the saint whose name they chose.
By the 14th century, lover’s names were again being used.  The Catholic Church tried to re-instate saints names in the 16th century to no avail.
In 1969 the Catholic Church officially dropped St. Valentine’s day as a feast day and it returned to a secular day of celebrating those we love.
-adapted from Curious Events in History written by Michael Powell

So go on and celebrate those you love!

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NYC Flower District Visit





This week we had the pleasure of going to New York and attending the rose show by Harvest Floral Wholesale.
Wow did we see a lot of beautiful roses! It was great to see the roses up close and personal – see their petal counts, what they look like fully open and the shading some show as they progress.
We brought back a list of every rose we saw, cataloged as a standard, garden or spray rose, along with a color description.  What a great job, Harvest!
We also purchased some preserved roses.  These are real roses that last about a year or two.  The  process is a “secret” of the company that provides the roses but what a great way to capture that certain color shade.  If you have ever air dryed or preserved flowers, you know their color changes as it dries and these are no exception. Check out these deep purple beauties.  And who says there are no black flowers?


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We’re thrilled to be mentioned in Eco-Beautiful Magazine:

Jackie and Randy’s natural and rustic wedding is featured on pages 80-83.  Congratulations again to Jackie and Randy!


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Green in 2013!

Going green in 2013!

Beginning a new year brings us to reflecting on the past and planning for the new.

During 2012 we did a lot of research into growing our business green.

We took classes at Longwood Gardens and checked with our wholesale suppliers for eco-friendly sources – with the goal of bringing you beautiful flowers and keeping our planet beautiful.

Eco-flowers is an interesting catch-all term for many things -
-flowers grown with no or low pest and disease sprays
-conserving water while growing
-socially acceptable treatment of employees (good working conditions, fair wages…)

and a commitment to provide a great product in a socially, environmentally friendly way.

What do we take from our research? We can:
Support certified eco- friendly companies by purchasing their products.
Purchase flowers that are grown in an environmentally responsible way – particularly organic flowers.
Purchase from companies who treat their employees with dignity and provide good working conditions and salaries.

To sum it all up – we can’t have everything but if we can be a bit flexible with our choices, most of our flower purchases will achieve this goal.

This movement is in its infancy in the fresh flower trade. If we demand it – it will come. It’s all about supply and demand!

Let’s make a difference in 2013!

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